The Elusive Road Runner

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O.K. Show of hands. How many of you were raised on Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons?  I was. No matter what he tried, the coyote could not catch the road runner. I feel his pain.

When I came to New Mexico in July I saw a road runner running across the road in front of the house that I was preparing to view. I didn’t get that house, but I did decide that I wanted to live in that area. By the time I got my phone out, the bird was gone and I couldn’t get a picture.

Since I have moved here I have seen road runners almost every day. No matter what I try, I cannot catch a picture of the road runner. I had to pull the one above from the internet. Tonight while I was walking with the dogs we saw a family of 5 road runners sitting in a driveway. I very slowly and quietly pulled my phone from my pocket. They ran off into the brush – AGAIN!

I’m considering a stake out – or a bird blind. Am I starting to sound like the coyote?



  1. That is just too cute. I can see your new book title already – “Snap Me If You Can!” What do the dogs think of them? You do read dog minds, yes?

    I’ve never seen one during our travels in and around Gallup.

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  2. You need to put down a layer of fast drying cement on the road, wait in bushes beside road for said road runner with camera in hand. Wait for the hilarity to ensue

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    • LOL. Is your alias Wyle E Coyote?

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  3. Although tempted to say something witty such as state of grace, state of awe, or state of confusion – the sad truth is that I’m in the state of New Mexico. I’m curious. Why do you ask?

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